The Misophonia@School project will carry out study and implementation activities addressed to produce the following four Intellectual Outputs:
— IO1: Misophonia Mobile Application. An app for teachers, to be used in classrooms, that will make them able to apply and carry out an innovative screening protocol to individuate students with Misophonia.
— IO2: Misophonia E-learning Course. The e-learning training course for teachers will present all educational, environmental and behavioural strategies to help pupils with Misophonia during their everyday school life.
— IO3: Misophonia Handbook. Methodological and scientific information dealing with the more recent findings on Misophonia and illustrating the innovative screening protocol will be produced and presented.
— IO4: Misophonia Web Resource Centre. Targeted to families and other informal contexts’ educators, it will select, collect and organize relevant and scientifically-based open information.

All Misophonia@School products will be progressively available on this website in 9 languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Poland, Turkish, German, Slovenian, Greek and Icelandic.