The Misophonia@School Web Resource Centre

The Web Resource Centre on Misophonia will select, collect, organize and spread the most relevant and scientifically-based open information and stories available, and will serve as an exploitation hub for all project’s products and results. The Web Resource Centre will be meant as a comprehensive and unique resource for scientific and evidence-based information on the disease, and will be basically targeted to school teachers and secondly to families and other informal and non formal contexts’ educators. Furthermore, the Resource Centre will be an important reference point for all people with Misophonia (children, young people, adults, etc.).

The Web Resource Centre will provide great features, organised to help people find general and specific information on Misophonia-related issues as:

— Symptoms and evidences of the Misophonia disease.

— How to behave with people affected from Misophonia.

— Cultural and gender issues related to Misophonia.

— State of the art of researches and findings around Misophonia.

— Experimental studies and treatments.

The Web Resource Centre will also provide a set of ready-to-use tools as:

— An interactive map of the “Misophonic Europe”, with localisation of all known organisations, institutions, initiatives and experts working around the Misophonia theme.

— A detailed glossary to clarify terms, meanings and discourses about Misophonia.

— A collection of engaging stories about Misophonia disease and how people (students, workers, families) overtook related disadvantages.

— The “Ask the Expert” feature, with which people can get in contact with a selected multilingual group of researchers, helpers, etc.

— Bibliography and sitography for researching and learning about Misophonia.

— A multilingual forum targeted to all kinds of users.